2) The insertion of a flat rate agreements (forfait jours) by a collective performance agreement

A collective agreement can set up a flat rate agreements (forfait jours) since the article L. 2254-2 of French Labour Code aims precisely the organization of "the duration of the work, its modalities of organization and of division ". (Article L. 2254-2, I of French Labour Code)

However, the introduction of a flat rate agreements (forfait jours) remains subject to the conditions pertaining to this type of organization of work provided for in Articles L. 3121-53 to L.3121-66 of French Labour Code: "Articles L. 3121- 53 to L. 3121-66 apply if the agreement implements or modifies an annual flat-rate scheme, with the exception of Article L. 3121-55 and 5 ° of I of Article L. 3121-64 in case of simple modification”. (Article L. 2254-2, II, 4 ° of French Labour Code)

2.1. A written flat rate agreement (forfait jours)

The collective performance agreement therefore in no way allows an employer to require the employee to go under a flat rate agreement (forfait jours).

The employer is still required to conclude an individual flat-rate agreement in writing with the employee whose consent must be obtained.

On this point, the General Director of Labour (Directeur général du travail) considers that the employee's refusal to sign a flat-rate agreement (forfait jours), even on the basis of a collective performance agreement (accord de performance collective), cannot constitute a ground for dismissal. (See Liaisons Sociales June 4th, 2018: l’accord de performance collective peut il imposer un forfait jours à un salarié?)

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