The Court of Cassation censored the reasoning of the appellate judges for calculating the compensation without taking into account the restriction of 30 months wages.

In its decision of May 15th, 2019, the Court of Cassation states that "the union representative who does not request the continuation of the employment contract unlawfully broken is entitled to compensation for violation of the protective status equal to the remuneration he would have from the moment of its expulsion until the expiry of the period of protection, within the limit of thirty months, the statutory minimum duration of the elected representatives of the staff increased by six months ".

The indemnity due to the union section representative in case of violation of the protective status is thus limited to a maximum of 30 months' salary.

Analysis of CHHUM AVOCATS (Paris, Nantes, Lille)

The 30-month salary limit, originally applicable to elected staff representatives (Cass.soc., April 15, 2015, No. 13-24182), was then extended to other types of mandates such as adviser prud'homal (Cass.soc, February 3, 2016, n ° 14-17000) or adviser of the employee (Cass soc, June 30, 2016, n ° 15-12982).

It is therefore in the interests of homogeneity that the High Court has transposed this limit to the representative of the trade union section.

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