French Employment law – Decideurs 2019 : CHHUM AVOCATS law office (Paris, Nantes, Lille), lawyers in labor law, is ranked in Décideurs 2019


• Negotiated departures of employees, managers, executives and senior executives (cadres dirigeants)

• Defense of the intermittent workers in the entertainment business (technicians, artists)

• Defense of whistleblowers (lanceurs d’alerte) • Right of employees, intermittent entertainment

• Right of journalists (journalists)

• Model rights (mannequins)

• International employment contract (secondment, expatriation, impatriate)

• Criminal labor law (droit penal du travail) (abusive use of the fixed-term contract, offense of obstruction)

• Advice and defense of works councils (comité d’entreprise, CSE) and shop stewards

• Advice in the negotiation of agreements


In Décideurs 2019, CHHUM AVOCATS is ranked:

- Excellent for the council of employees and union organizations;

- Strong reputation for risk litigation and labor criminal law;

- Famous practice for the representation of executives.


The Frédéric CHHUM law firm advises mainly employees, executives, senior executives, in the context of disputes with their employer and / or negotiation of departures (transaction, contractual break).

The Frédéric CHHUM law firm has also developed an expertise in audiovisual work law, media, entertainment and luxury (intermittent entertainment, technicians, artists, journalists, freelancers).

He is involved in litigation in labor law (requalification of fixed-term contracts full-time intermittent entertainment, overtime, dispute flat-rate days or senior management, compensation of employees percentage, requalification of contracts Freelance in employment contract, unfair dismissal of employees, etc.).

The law firm Frédéric CHHUM works frequently in English language.

Since 1 March 2016, the Frédéric CHHUM law firm has opened a secondary office in Nantes which is headed by Maître Camille Colombo (labor law, labor law) and since 1 March 2019 an office in Lille headed by Maître Marilou Ollivier ( Labor Law, Criminal Labor Law).

In December 2018, Maître Frédéric CHHUM was elected as a member of the Paris Bar Council (mandate 2019-2021).

Frédéric CHHUM avocat et membre du conseil de l’ordre des avocats de Paris

CHHUM AVOCATS (Paris, Nantes, Lille)


.Paris: 4 rue Bayard 75008 Paris tel: 0142560300

.Nantes: 41, Quai de la Fosse 44000 Nantes tel: 0228442644

.Lille: 25, rue Gounod 59000 Lille tel: 0320135083