Decision of the Rights Defender n ° 2018-104 of April 5, 2018 (pdf attached): the employee suffered discriminatory harassment based on her state of health

The Defender of Rights states that: "The evidence gathered during the investigation makes it possible to consider that Mrs. Y did not benefit from the actual adjustments of her job, that she consequently suffers from discriminatory harassment (harcèlement discriminatoire) and that her dismissal for a clearly disproportionate reason for refusing an internship (stage) to a candidate, must be analysed in this context as a discriminatory eviction ".

"On the other hand , it appears that Re: sources did not react to the warnings that Mrs. Y issued on the deterioration of her state of health (état de santé) and finally, that Mrs. Y was marginalized in a stigmatizing work environment for employees whose state of health is weakened, in that it is perceived as a less professional investment. »(...)

"Mrs. Y was subjected to discriminatory harassment because of her state of health, since the lack of development of her position created a professional environment that had the effect of to undermine her dignity and to create, to her detriment, an intimidating, hostile, degrading and humiliating environment ".

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