The goal given to labor inspectors is to examine 7,000 companies in 2019, and all enterprises with at least 50 employees by 2022.

Regarding the penalties incurred, companies that have not published the index or whose score is less than 75 points risk a financial penalty, calculated on the basis of the activity income of the following whole month (R. 2242-7 C.trav).

An employer who fails to take corrective measures or who is taking improperly correct corrective measures is liable to the same penalty.

The instruction specifies that persisting not to publish the exact note will be worth the absence of publication of the index.

Lastly, it adds that the failure of the employer to transmit data relating to his index is "capable of constituting an obstacle to the performance of the duties of a screening officer who is punished by imprisonment for one year and a fine of € 37,500 ".

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Frédéric CHHUM, Avocat and member of the Council of the Paris Bar


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