Judgment of the Paris Conseil de prud’hommes of February 19th, 2021

By judgment of February 19, 2021, the Paris Labor Council:

- Holds that the video surveillance is illegal proof and that the dismissal is without real and serious cause;

- Orders SAS FECIT operating under the Hôtel Napoléon brand to pay Mr. X the following amounts:

o 2,717.52 euros as a reminder of salary during the conservatory layoff;

o € 271.75 for the related paid leave;

o 12,067.71 euros as compensation in lieu of notice;

o € 1,206.78 for the related paid leave;

o 19,348.56 euros as legal compensation for dismissal;

o 3,250 euros as a night premium reminder;

o 325 euros for the related paid leave;

o 12,067.71 euros as compensation for dismissal without real and serious cause;

o 1,000 euros under article 700 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

- Order the reimbursement of unemployment benefits to Pôle Emploi up to 6 months;

The night manager of the Hôtel Napoléon obtained a total of 52,255.03 euros.

The company appealed against the judgment.

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